Experience unique, boutique Arrowtown accommodation, with personalised service, at this Arrowtown Luxury Hotel

Unique Style with Personalised Service


The Arrow was architecturally awarded as a leading 'design style hotel'. Designed and built in 2008, by Tim Hemingway and Louise & Justin Wright of Assembly Architects, the feel and look of The Arrow is still cutting-edge nearly 10 years on.
Each of the five luxurious super king suites provide stunning, well-designed living spaces for couples or two friends to revel in. Each suite is apartment-size, with secret walls and cupboards to be private and romantic in, with an elegant double shower and bathroom that can be screened off or opened up whilst soaking in mountainous views and bubbles. A small kitchen provides the option to cook but why would you when Arrowtown's well known restaurant scene beckons, five minutes from The Arrow, after welcome drinks with the owners.
The hardest question to answer is "What do you want to do whilst you're here?!"   
Call us on 03 409 8600 to talk to us about your stay or book online.