18 Oct

New Zealand Hotel Pricing Overview

Calculating the cost of your trip is probably the most important thing you could do besides packing travel documents. The last thing you want is to stretch your budget and end up sinking into debt.

So, we’ve put together an estimated cost of accommodation in the New Zealand hotel industry.

Luxury Hotels

Expect to pay anywhere between NZD120 to NZD200 for a nice room. That’s what most four and five-star hotels charge for luxurious amenities and great views. Farm stays also fall in this category, with most of them offering breakfast and dinner as part of the package.

Mid-range Hotels

Mid-range hotels in New Zealand charge anywhere between NZD50 and NZD100 per night; however, this figure depends on the location, star level, and season. Either way, most options in this range offer the perfect balance of amenities and quality services.

Bed and Breakfast

There’s a thin line between B ‘n Bs and midrange hotels, and the determining factor is usually the pricing. B ‘n Bs charge anywhere between NZD20 and NZD50 for a night. But you will need to cook your meals and give up some amenities.